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Multiple District (MD) 6 has a long history with Lions Clubs International (LCI). LCI was founded in 1917 (watch Centennial videos) by Melvin Jones; MD 6 was the sixth state to charter clubs that same year. In fact there are three clubs still in existence today, in Colorado, that were chartered in 1917, Colorado Springs Downtown, Denver Den, and Pueblo Charter club.

Lions motto is "We Serve". While vision is the primary focus of Lions, each club has special areas they focus on. For some it may be screening children for sight problems, scholarships for high school seniors or non-traditional students or providing or updating playground equipment. Lions also assist when a natural disaster occurs.

If you are interested in becoming a member please follow the links provided for Joining a Club or contact the State Office Manager to assist you with finding a Lions Club in your area you would like to visit. As Melvin Jones said "You can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else."

Dennis M. Pulley
MD 6 Council Chair 2017-2018

District Activities

District 6C - Golden & Denver Lions Clubs

The Golden Lions received a donation of a Da Vinci Reader. We wanted to donate it to a person in need. Lion Myrna Ann Adkins of the Denver Den helped locate an appropriate recipient. Golden Lion Bob Storrs delivered it to Kathy Hand who lives in Conifer and has maculate degeneration. She is only able to see outlines of people who sit in front of her. She uses a 62 inch TV as her computer monitor and still has to increase the size of the text to a very large size. She has specialized glasses to see TV that have two lenses much like a telescope.

Kathy hand

Here is her thank you message.

Myrna: I cannot thank you enough for reaching out and helping me receive the DaVinci Reader. Lion Bob came to Conifer to my home and was very kind. He even knew how to plug the power cord in! LOL. Although I am not an expert as of yet, I reviewed the User Manual already to get an idea of the DaVinci’s capabilities. The DaVinci has OCR, which gives it "text-to-speech" capabilities, which means I can put material on the platform and it will read the text. I found it takes a “picture” of sorts, so I can have the mateiral it is reading in my hands and be able to scan as it reads the text.

I mentioned to Lion Bob that if the Lion’s Club ever needed a project done that someone with my disability could do, I would be happy to volunteer my time to help the Lion’s Club. I extend that offer to the Lion’s Club and am assuming the Club understands the limitations of a visually handicapped individual. I have been in the legal field for 36 years and have done so much paperwork, and now retired. I help friends with what I can, and consider the Lion’s Club my friend!

Again thank you for the DaVinci. If you should ever need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Sincerely, Kathleen "Kathy" Hand