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Colorado Lions State Entities

Colorado Lions Camp

The Colorado Lions Camp was first designed as a blind camp only in the early years.  Now the Camp serves over 350 campers with a variety of disabilities: hearing and visually impaired, Down Syndrome, Developmentally Delayed, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and many other physical and mental disabilities that may challenge our campers.For more information, go to Colorado Lions Camp

Colorado Lions Foundation

Colorado Lions Foundation Logo

The purpose of the Colorado Lions Foundation, a 501(c3), is to provide annual Educational Scholarships, provide matching funds and grants for humanitarian projects, provide for special promotions (i.e. Humanitarian Awards, Ann Sullivan Awards, Helen Keller Awards, Sustaining Member Program and Family Membership Grants), and manage the asset base of the foundation which includes the Colorado Lions Camp real estate and various accounts with specific designations and objectives. For more information go to Colorado Lions Foundation.

Colorado Kidsight

Kidsight Logo

The Colorado Lions KidSight Program provides free vision screening and follow-up for children six months through six years.  The program also provides information and education to parents about the importance of good vision for children. For more information go to Colorado Kidsight.

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank Logo

The Lions of Colorado and Wyoming founded the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank in 1982. Beginning with just a handful of donors, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is now recognized the world over for its eye banking expertise. In any language, RMLEB means service, quality and compassion. Our extensive international network has allowed eye donors from Colorado and Wyoming to restore sight to thousands of people throughout the world. For more information go to Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation Logo

This Foundation was organized in 1990 by the Lions of both CO and WY to serve as the legal entity through which the Lions from both states could raise the funding that the Lions had committed to cover 1/2 the construction cost of the building in which RMLEI is located at the Univ of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Aurora CO which opened in 2001. We continue to provide a portion of the cost of additional necessary equipment used in the operation of the Clinic and Medical School teaching. For more information go to Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation

Colorado Lions Endorsed Projects

9 Health Fair

9 Health fair logo

When you attend a 9Health Fair, you're taking responsibility for your health. You'll have access to an array of free and low-cost comprehensive health screenings and interactive educational centers to empower you to make healthy decisions for your life and future. For more information go to 9 Health Fair


Ensight Logo

It is the mission of the Ensight Skills Center to provide clients with low vision the opportunity to enhance their life skills, independence and self-confidence in a safe environment thought adaptive technology and training. For more information go to Ensight

Internation Hearing Dogs

International Hearing Dogs Logo

International Hearing Dogs professionally trains shelter dogs to assist individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Henderson, Colorado facility supported by Lions Clubs has kennel space for 42 dogs, training areas, and modern offices. International Hearing Dog looks forward to the future and many more years of service to persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. For more information go to International Hearing Dog

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Leader Dogs for the Blind logo

Founded by three Detroit-area Lions Clubs members in 1939, Leader Dogs for the Blind empowers people who are blind, visually impaired or Deaf-Blind with skills for a lifetime of independent travel, opening doors that may seem to have closed with the loss of sight. For more information go to Leader Dogs for the Blind

International Lions

USA/Canada Forum

Lions Smile

Lions University

Kidsight USA

Kidsight USA (Facebook)

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