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Youth Speech Contest

Youth Speech Contest By PDG Irene Toliver MD6 Chairperson


Any High School Student. Now is the time to get the information to your High School or other High School Student Organizations. The information is on the Colorado Lions Web Site and I have sent the Material to each District Speech Chairman. I asked each Chairman to get the information to their Zone Chairman and also asked it be put in each District Newsletter.


Each District will have a different Contest because of not having a District Conventions. Each District will need to let their contestant know when and where they will be holding their Contests. The winner of the District Contest will be their representative at the Colorado Lions State Convention.


I hope you will remember the effort these students put into their speech and be generous with your Awards. The State Awards are listed in the Brochure.


Remember the District or Club is responsible for the Contestants and 1 or 2 guests at the State Convention.

Let me know when you District Contests will be held. If I can help with information or any other way let me know. PDG Irene Toliver will let the District Winners know where, time and etc. later.If you have any questions, contact me by phone at 970-493-6058 or e-mail


Speech Contest Brochure

The topic of the Speech Contest this year is: "What Social Issue Presents the Greatest Challenge to Future of the USA?"

This Topic should create Passion for the speaker and for the Lions of Colorado. Students will be facing this topic for their future and Lions need to hear their thoughts for their needs in the future. We need to be leaders and give students the opportunity to express their views as they are our future leaders.

Each Club will need to contact the schools or youth groups in September. Some schools begin in August or first part of Sept., so early contact is best. It is better if you go in person with letter, brochure and other information.

I will get the information to each District Speech Chairman and Zone Chairman in August. This will include a Brochure, Judges Sheet and a Time Line.

After contacting the school or youth group in September, you will need to follow up in November or before Christmas Break. According to when your Club Contest will be held, you will need to follow up in Jan., Feb. or March.

I would like to encourage Awards be given at the Club, Region and District level. Depending on the District you could promote the contest so the student could have an estimate amount he or she could win.

Let each Lion have a Passion to hear our young people's ideas.

When you have the name of your District winner, please send me the Name, Address, phone number, e-mail address club representing and parents names?

You can contact me for information: PDG Irene Toliver, Speech Chair., at or at 970-493-6058.